Dyson Supersonic

Dyson Supersonic


A couple months ago I attended a Dyson event where I got to learn about and test out some of their products.  I've always wanted a Dyson vacuum, mainly because of the design. The vacuums look like they're in the year 3020! We're so behind haha! I even put one on my wedding registry.

Luckily for me, I've received their beautiful new Supersonic Hairdryer in Nickel and Purple! HEART EYES! You can imagine how excited I was when I opened this box.  It comes in a beautiful leather case, perfect for travel!

Some features of the machine that set them apart from other hair dryers:

  1. Fast Drying, airflow at 105mph for targeted drying and styling
  2. Cool to touch BUTTON
  3. Precise speed and heat settings
  4. Structure

I have been using the Supersonic for a few weeks now and my life has CHANGED, here's why.  The machine does not have the fan at the back of the hairdryer that always somehow sucks my hair in while I'm drying and burns it.  Nothing like the smell of burnt hair while you're getting ready, yuck.  The precise speed and heat buttons allow you to do just that, pick a speed and heat level that works for you AND if you like to blow dry cool like I do, you don't have to stress your finger out and hold onto the cool button... YOU CAN JUST SET IT ON COOL! Mind, blown. 

The Supersonic has cut my dry time down significantly.  As you guys know, my hair is very long, it also has a medium thickness.  With regular hair dryers, it takes me about 15+ minutes to fully dry my hair.  With the Supersonic, I'm under 10 minutes.  It comes with 3 different magnetic heads, one I use for basic drying and one for shine that I throw on for styling.  

My verdict? If you are like me and have been eying the Supersonic for some time now, TAKE THE PLUNGE.  It is worth it! Basically because the sleek structure means you'll be living in 3020 with me if you do, so come, join the dark side!

xx Reese