Our winter holiday

Our winter holiday

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all STUCK not knowing what day or time it is until the new year haha! 

Every year Darrell and I go on a wicked holiday somewhere warm in the dead of the winter to escape the cold.  This year we decided to change it up and instead go on a winter holiday.  Living in Alberta for the last 4 years, we've grown to love the mountains.  But we enjoy them much more in the summer than in the winter (cue hiking and kayaking, less skiing and skating).  So we gave something new a try.

We booked a 4 day getaway in Vernon, British Columbia at a beautiful mountain top resort that was avidly advertising serenity and relaxation which was exactly what the doctor ordered.  December has been such a WILD month.  Between end of year at the lab, 5 deadlines per week on Instagram and a huge BTS video job, we were beat.

This was also the first year Darrell and I got to spend Christmas together as he has always been overseas playing ball during this time so we chose to take down a first and go on our first road trip together. There was the option to fly but I had driven to Kelowna, BC in the summer and the views were so spectacular that driving was a no brainer.  So, we packed our bags, got in the car and drove 6 hours to spend a beautiful holiday together.

The entire trip was spent exploring Vernon, in the spa/pool/our tub, binge watching the Harry Potter marathon on tv from our king size and enjoying the STUNNING view from our room.

Below are some of the photos from our trip, all of which will probably make it to my IG feed because Darrell is just wicked with the camera!

All the love,