When I was growing up, I was always surrounded by lavish women with impeccable taste in fashion.  Clearly, this made an impression on me.  At an early age, I knew I wanted to one day have my own luxury items because they were beautiful.  As I got older, my want for these beautiful pieces turned into an appreciation for the history of the brands/Fashion Houses.

As of right now, my 26 year old self has a growing collection of luxury handbags, footwear and clothing that I am quite fond of.  I only started purchasing luxury items in my later years of university and now as a working professional, I do indulge but in moderation.  Although this can be very hard sometimes, I have found that I have become a pro at sales which helps me justify a higher volume of luxury purchases a year (HEHEE! It’s just how my brain works) and I wanted to start sharing some of my ‘smart shopping’ tips with you.  First up, CONSIGNMENT SHOPS!

I have recently discovered REEBONZ, an online consignment shop with a vast collection of the most coveted designer brands!   They carry a variety of both consignment goods as well as brand new items. Their products range from handbags to footwear to accessories. All of their items are guaranteed authentic with the appropriate certifications for jewelry and certain handbags such as the Hermes Kelly and Birkin and Atelier Authenticity Cards.

As I was browsing through the site, I found in season items as well as the classics.  Their prices are a fraction of the retail prices and they sometimes have special sales going on. 

So naturally, I got myself this brand new Balenciaga “Blackout” style clutch bag which comes right in time for spring where I like to put away the big totes and pull out all of my mini bags and clutches.

In celebration of their 8th birthday, Reebonz offers 18% off with the code 18NGUYEN until March/31 as well as 30USD off your first purchase if you follow this link

Happy shopping babes!