Outfit Diary: March 6th

Outfit Diary: March 6th

Happy Monday friends! Woke up to some snow again so I thought I'd take it back to my weekend attire where it felt like spring. What's going on with the weather?!

During university, I RARELY ever wore jeans. I can probably confidently say I owned 1 pair of jeans.  I lived in LuluLemon tights, Uggs/Moccasins and hoodies.  Since being out of school and entering the real world where it's less than normal to wear tights and hoodies all the time, I've learned to really enjoy denim.  It's so versatile from casual to dressy with simply a switch of your shoes from flats to heels.  Here I chose the happy medium, my new Gucci loafers gave this a casual but fancier look with my beautiful Winona Australia top (that actually comes in a short set but the weather did not permit) to show a little skin.

Have a productive week guys!


Top: Winona Australia
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Gucci