Long Time No See

Long Time No See

I have had the most hectic (but fun) past couple of months, between my career and my Instagram, I have been traveling every single week since the last week of January.  It has been exhausting and wonderful and now I am taking about a month off of traveling to stay put in Calgary.

Traveling so much really made it easy for me to neglect myself. I was extremely overwhelmed. I kept coming home and dropping off one luggage to pack another and jet out of there.  My apartment was disastrous, I was eating terribly, my body hated me and I hadn't seen the gym in too long.  So I took a beat and got back to myself.  Cleaned up and redecorated my apartment, did too much laundry, went grocery shopping and meal prepped and now I am back in the gym everyday and going to yoga again to find my zen. I even spent the past weekend shooting a boat load of looks for Instagram and my blog! AND I've put wedding plans on GO!

It seems like such a simple concept, to take care of yourself, but with the busy lifestyles we lead, it is so easy to forget to do that.  I am learning everyday how to balance my fast life with some me time.

Here is a look from this weekend, I allocated enough time in my week to scout out cool locations so that on the weekend we could just head out and shoot and hit the next spot.  Did I mention I am loving that they've brought back 90's fashion because I was too young to participate in that then! Wearing overalls because I've loved them since the Oshkosh days when my sister and I wore matching ones haha.

Top: Free People
Overalls: Guess
Shoes: Prada
Bag: Collab Bags