Q & A

Hello friends :)

I've decided to start doing giveaways more often.  I saw a couple of my influencer peers do Snapchat/IG story giveaways and thought it was a great idea! I receive so many products and lets be honest, there's really no way I can use them all! I want to thank everyone again for rocking with me on this journey, so expect these giveaways more often! Now let's get into it, time for me to answer some burning questions (jk, they're not that deep haha).

Q. What inspires your style? Are you more trendy, do you just go with what you like or do you get inspired by other bloggers or brands?

A. Literally everything around me inspires my style, my "saved" tab on Instagram is FULL! Magazines, people around me, blogs, how I'm feeling.  I try to be a bit unique but there's some trends that I can't help but follow suit, like the corset trend, love it, not so good at it yet though..

Q. How is the microblading healing? I'm dying to get it done but I'm afraid I'll have to take time off work! How did you decide where to go?

A. 100000000% do the microblading! Mine is healing nicely, it has faded A LOT but that's what your touch up appointment is for 6 weeks following the initial.  My brow artist told me that everyone heals differently so your experience may be different from mine but I was fine after my session. It's kind of like getting a tattoo if you've ever done that, mildly uncomfortable and itchy but you resume life like it ain't a thangggg baby!

Q. How would you define your style? And who/what is your style inspiration?

A. I'm unique, trendy and comfortable.  OLIVIA PALERMO IS MY GOALSSSSS! She literally does no wrong and I would like to be her when I grow up. Did you see what she wore on her wedding day?! Who does that? AND SLAYS IT?! Only that unicorn!

Q. What is your skin care routine?

A. I'm lucky to have 'normal' type skin so I don't have frequent breakouts, only during that hell-ish time of the month.  I'm an avid LUSHIE, I use Lush Cosmetics everything and I've been using the same stuff for YEARS. Cleanser: Angels on Bare Skin/Let the Good Times Roll, Toner: Tea Tree Water, Moisturizer: Vanishing Cream. I also face mask a few times a week and rotate between sheet masks that I buy for $2 from the Korean grocery store beauty section or Lush's Cup O' Coffee mask (honourable mention to the Oatifix mask too)

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10 years?

A. I WANT A HOUSE! In 5 years I hope to have picked a city to set some roots in, bought a house, further established myself in my career and start a family.  In 10 years, shit, ask me in 5 haha.

Q. What are your top 3 favourite clothing brands? I love all of your outfits and you seem to get pieces from a ton of different places, but if you had to narrow it down, what would they be?

A. Easily Club Monaco, Zara and Premonition Designs. Those 3 brands take up the vast majority of my closet right now and probably forever!

Q. How did you and the boo meet?

A. We met at the club after I attended one of his basketball games.  I knew one of his teammates and asked him to bring that fine ass guy #14 to the club later and the rest is history :)

Q. What did you major in in college and how did you get to where you are today? And what advice would you give to a college grad who just graduated to get where you are?

A. Biology! I currently work in the Oil and Gas industry :) After I graduated it was a year and some change of searching for a job where I could use my degree, debating on going to do my masters since I was failing at finding a job.  It took me to move across the country to find myself. That time was very hard for me because a lot of my close friends went to grad school because they had this path they knew that they wanted to be on whereas I was lost af, thinking I just wasted a shit load of money to bartend... My advice would be to not give up.  If you graduated and can't find a job but know what you want to do, KEEP PUSHING! There's no satisfaction quite like waking up and wanting to go to work.  And if you graduated and changed your mind, take the time to find your passion, there are SO MANY people who go to school for something and end up in a career they love and excel in that is so left from what they studied. It's okay!!!!!!

Q. Do you have a fitness regime/routine? Seeing that you're quite busy, how do you keep yourself so fit?

A. I try to go to the gym 5 days a week and sometimes when I'm extra motivated I go on week long tangents of eating leaves and trees, it's pretty awful.  And girrrrrrrrrrl, I am not so fit, I'm kinda fit haha, I'm working on 'so fit'... Hopefully by the time the man and I take our summer holidays.

Q. Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Or neither?

A. I'm one of those weirdos who loves the taste of water, so I'm mostly a water drinker.  If I'd have to choose I'd say I'm a tea drinker, I abandoned coffee after university because how do you go from being a student and getting free coffees at McDonalds for 4 years to paying for that poison?! No way José!

Q. What is your nationality?

A. I am predominantly Vietnamese with a likkle Chinese and French running through the veins.

Q. How old are you?

A. 26

Q. If you were to go back in time, what would you tell your younger self and what is one thing you would change if you could re-do your life again?

A. I would tell my younger self that life is going to be pretty amazing, so chill the hell out and stop worrying! If I could change one thing, I would've left my last relationship way sooner than I did.  I understand that relationships are learning experiences but I should've learned my lesson sooner than almost 4 years! 

Q. When is your wedding?

A. June 2018, I'm working on the exact date right now, someone stole my date at my dream venue so I'm currently going throughhhhh it! (insert angry emoji)

Q. How did you become a public figure on IG?

A. Accidentally but then with lots of hard work.  This was a happy accident.  I wanted this, a few friends and I had tried fashion blogging a few years before in a joint blog and failed.  I worked on picking a theme this time and shooting outfit photos and posting consistently, etc... Then slowly but surely, I grew an audience from it and now I'm here, happy to be here and hoping to stay!

Q. What's your favourite nude lip products? Lipstick, glosses, etc...

A. MAC - Peach Stock lipstick, MAC - Boy Bait gloss ALL TIME FAVS

Q. What's your go-to cocktail?

A. Mmm not much of a cocktail drinker, Remy Martin, neat. 

Q. Is there a fashion trend that really bothers you?

A. Those club "dresses" that are really just 2 flaps of fabric to cover your crotch and ass with both sides exposed... WHY? A gust of wind is gonna blow yo "skirt" up and everyones gonna see yo lady parts.................. #pleaseexplain

Q. What's your favourite makeup brand?

A. I love them all! I find that I use a lot of Smashbox, Mac and Dior but I seriously just love makeup

Q. Would you rather cute your hair an inch shorter every month and never let it grow back or never brush it and let it be a rats nest?

A. Rats nest, the bun life chose me

Q. Who is your biggest style inspiration (or an icon in general that you admire, doesn't have to be just in regards to fashion)?

A. Hmm, I'll do one of my celebrity icons: Jessica Alba, that Dark Angel badass is the founder of a billion dollar company that she believes in, a mother and wife, a seemingly good citizen of the world, seriously still a smoke show!!!!!! 

Q. When did you start wearing makeup?

A. High school, I wasn't even allowed though.  I stole the Annabelle black pencil eye liner from the drug store and would colour my "waterline" after I was dropped off at school... It was awful, make up faux pas! 

Q. For me personally as a part time blogger, I find it difficult at times to be inspired and create style that is not just mainstream in this day and age.  So I'm wondering where you get your inspiration from?

A. Honestly it's whatever I feel comfortable in.  Some weeks I'm inspired by anything and everything, and other weeks it's like I have "Influencer Block"... If you pay close enough attention those weeks on Instagram I just wear jeans and a cool top or tee to make it easier on myself.  Plus it's true to who I really am, sometimes I dress up super extra, and other times I'll show up looking homeless.  I think it's important to show both sides, it makes you relatable and it gives you a break!

Q. What is something about you that not a lot of people know that you are really proud of?

A. I am excellent at handling money, my father taught me well! There's always room for much fun but I'm also always being responsible.

Q. What made you choose to start blogging and instagramming?

A. FREE CLOTHES!!!!!!!!! And now I do it because I love it (and still for free clothes) :) who knew?

Q. How do you go about collaborating with brands?

A. I am now managed so all of my collaborations streamline through my management.  They pitch me to brands/PR firms and I also have my contact info visible on all my social outlets so that brands can reach out to me.

Q. How do you motivate yourself to time manage and stay consistent with your content and posts?

A. Girl I am permanently tired. I motivate myself by reminding myself that this is my other full time career so if I want to keep doing this (and I do because I love it) then I need to get my ass up and keep pushing.  I shoot all of my looks for the week on Saturday and Sunday and then plan my feed so that during the week I can focus on my other job.

Q. I always think of you as one of the genuinely funny bloggers on Instagram. What would you say is the best trait about you and how does it affect your blog?

A. PLEASE TELL MY MAN IM FUNNY!!!!!!! HE TOTALLY DISAGREES LOL!!!!! I think my best trait is that I'm honest, I say how I feel, I wear my emotions on my face.  I think that my audience can relate to me because my content or my Snapchat/Instagram Stories are very genuine and normal, we can talk about shows I'm watching or swap advice or suggestions.  My personality has allowed me to connect on a real level with everyone and I love it!

Q. If you could only keep 1 pair of shoes which ones would you choose?

A. Literally have been pining over this question all day and I still don't know but if I had to pick I think my Balenciaga Lace Up Ankle boot that you've seen me wear 8934279834 times.  I love those boots so much.

Q. What do you personally believe are the top 3 most efficient ways of branding yourself and the top 3 don'ts?

A. I'm still trying to figure this one out.  I think that picking your outlet and figuring out what it is that you want to do is the most important.  A lot of people these days are bouncing around to everything instead of perfecting their craft.  Find out what your niche is and START with that, it'll be more organic to your audience and natural for you.  For example, I started with Instagram because it made the most sense to me, I am NOT a makeup guru so I couldn't do the beauty tutorials on Youtube, I hated writing blog posts so getting a blog wasn't for me, Twitter is where I go for laughs as a bystander so I didn't feel comfortable inserting myself.  Instagram was me, I liked taking creative pictures of me or my outfits and putting short and sweet captions or emojis.  From there as I grew and established my brand I've ventured off to blogging, which I now enjoy more than I used to because for me it's kind of like a diary, I hope to break into YouTube but in no rush and probably more vlogging, though I will try a tutorial here or there and only when I feel like I'm ready and by then I hope my audience from Instagram and my blog would be interested and follow me to YouTube. 

Do your homework! Any good brand researched bigger, similar brands around them to see how they got there and developed their game plan.  Branding yourself goes beyond social media, it includes all aspects of you, so the 'you' that you're depicting to the social media world has to be a reflection of how you carry yourself in person.  

Woo that was lengthy! And that's not 6 points, I'm sorry it's kinda late.

Q. How did your fiancé sweep you off your feet?

A. Let me start by saying this guy is incredible, there are so many factors that play into how he swept me off my feet but I think the most important is that he made me feel good again.  I met him when I was coming out of a long term, toxic ass relationship with a shitty person who went out of his way to tear me down and was successful at it.  Darrell taught me to love myself again and built me back up.

Q. Not related about fashion, beauty, etc but who do you think is Betty's older brother? Otherwise my question is what do you think will be the biggest trend this summer?

A. Though we've already spoken about this on DM, I think we haven't met Betty's older brother yet! The speculation that it's the blue eyed Southside Serpent (Joaquin/Rob Raco, whom I went to high school with! Small small world) makes sense but I still think it's going to be a tall blondie (RIVERDALE REFERENCE).

I think that this summer we are going to be hit with all the florals and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Q. What's your biggest motivation to continue to blog and be a brand influencer?

A. That I love it. I think it is amazing that we live in 2017 where we are connected with people from all over the WORLD, from all walks of life through a simple click of a button.  I love that I get to be apart of this social media community that connects me to amazing people, whether it be other influencers or the audience.  I truly enjoy waking up each day and 'working' on social media, eye bags and all.

Q. What product is your holy grail?

A. Dior's tinted moisturizer is the bidnizzzz!

Q. Sometimes it's hard to be confident with yourself and sometimes there's a moment that pushes one to become confident and I'm wondering what your moment was if you had one?

A. I really struggled with self confidence when I was younger, especially when I was in university.  There were so many external pressures surrounding me.  There wasn't so much as one moment that changed this but a process, I learned to love myself again, I learned to be comfortable in my own skin.  I genuinely liked the person I was putting out into the world.  It was a long process and involved so much, I had to cut out negative people in my life, I changed my surroundings, I essentially started fresh. And now I really like who I am, there's still growth and struggle days where I don't feel good about myself but I suppose that's how life goes.

Q. What is your all time favourite perfume and do you have a signature scent?

A. I don't think I have an all time favourite anything, I go through phases where I'm really obsessed with one thing.  My current obsession and signature scent is Jo Malone: Earl Grey and Cucumber.  I actually love like 8 of their perfumes, so amazing!



Thank you so much again for entering my giveaway, I did not answer all of the questions because there were SO many but I picked a lot of the reoccurring ones. I will do another one of these though because it was really fun or maybe do a live Q&A!