Destination: MIAMI

Destination: MIAMI

Hi friends and welcome back to the blog! As you probably know from my very tropical Instagram feed lately that I took a trip a little south and found myself a beach! 

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Darrell and I have had such a fun filled summer packed with travel but none of the travel took us to the beach so we decided to change that. HELLO MIAMI! It has been 5 years since I've been to Miami and let me tell you, the beach is the same as I left it, B-E-A-U-tiful! 

Now I want to share with you a little gem that I found in South Beach, our hotel, the Washington Park Hotel! It was the cutest, most charming hotel that takes you back in time a little! I felt as though I capsuled back to Miami in the 70's, very retro.  As a blogger, you guys are aware that everywhere I go, I'm looking for good walls and locations for outfit pictures.  WPH made this easy because everywhere I turned, there was a photo opportunity! Most of my Miami feed was taken at the hotel, easy life! 

Upon arrival, which was later than anticipated due to a lovely delayed flight (rolls eyes), we picked up our rental car, grabbed dinner and SLOWLY made our way to the hotel.  Check in was a breeze and even though it was so late, there were cocktails ready to welcome us! We got to our room where there were some complimentary drink tickets for the duration of our stay to their in house bar.  The room was a great size with the comfiest king sized bed and two of the softest hotel robes I've ever worn! If we weren't in swim wear, we were in those robes!

We spent the majority of the trip switching between the beach and the pool.  We would head to the beach every morning at 7am to experience beach tranquility because there's nothing quite like it! South Beach gets packed pretty quickly, so by 10am we head back to the hotel and lay by the pool.  Did I mention WPH is only 2 blocks away from the beach?! Talk about convenience! The pool stays pretty unoccupied with people coming and going all day (unless you're me and trying to get as brown as possible) with stocked water bottles, fresh towels, a cold water pitcher and it is only steps away from the main hotel building which is where the bar is! VERY IMPORTANT, haha!  I will say it was my favourite part. 

The next day we explored the hotel a bit.  We found the gym which is conveniently located in the middle of the property.  AND found the cutest, blogger appropriate spaces! I definitely stopped for a few photo ops!

The trip was quick and necessary for unwinding after the wild summer we've been having.  WPH definitely helped make our stay as amazing as possible, I will definitely be back!

If you guys are planning on heading to South Beach, I suggest you check this place out, and if for nothing else, then for the pink staircase! HELLOOOOO INSTAGRAM PICS!

Until next time!

- Reese