BAE-cation at The Shangri-L

BAE-cation at The Shangri-L

Happy New Year everyone! Can I still say that on January 25th? We hit the ground running as soon as 2018 started and we definitely have not stopped.

A few weekends ago, we took a little BAE-CATION which was also the first trip of the year to beautiful Vancouver.  You guys should probably be able to guess by now that I absolutely love British Columbia! I've never been to Vancouver over the winter months, and Darrell has never been at all, so this was something new for the both of us!

We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Shangri-La Hotel downtown Vancouver.  This was my first time staying at any Shangri-La Hotel and the experience was so lovely!

We got in on a late flight because I had to work on Friday so we pulled up at the hotel at around 8pm.  As we pulled up to valet, the concierge popped her head in our window and said, "Good evening Ms. Nguyen, we've been expecting you".  The personalized touch made a difference and how she knew it was me was magic haha! After checking in, the host took us up to our room and gave us a mini how-to and tour of our space which included a stunning full marble bathroom, talk about goals.  I found that this really set them apart from any hotel I've stayed at as most just hand you your key and let you know which elevator to take.

We spent the evening exploring the hotel and hitting the gym, ordering room service (which was delicious) and watching crime shows on TV from the King bed.

The morning we went down to the MARKET by Jean-Georges to grab some breakfast before our spa day! To my delight, their menu had dim sum so you know your girl was all over that! After breakfast we went to the Chi Spa to take a dip in the tub and get our couples massage.

Darrell and I frequent couples massages because relaxation is the theme of life but we've never been in a spa so luxe.  

Upon entering, there was champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us in the lounging section of the room.  From there you enter the changing quarters where there is a full vanity equipped with all the necessities to get you ready for your massage, jewelry boxes to safely hold your jewels, closets for you to put your clothes in and two plush robes hanging for you to change into.

On the other side of the couples massage room, there is a beautiful epsom salt tub to soak in and I definitely took full advantage of that!  Before our massage, we both got foot washes in the lounge area where we also enjoyed the champagne.  Followed by a 20 minute eucalyptus steam shower before we got into the heated massage beds. The steam shower was definitely a highlight for me as I love everything eucalyptus and saunas leave me so chill. We both got 60 minute therapeutic massages from Yuko and Jenna who were AMAZING! We left the spa feeling so relaxed and recharged.  Had lunch at the adjoining Health Club and took a dip in the hot tub.

Our BAE-cation was exactly the type of unwinding and relaxing we needed to start our busy year.  If you guys are visiting Vancouver, I highly suggest staying at the Shangri-La, our experience was wonderful and it is location so close to all the major sites of Vancouver!