The Teddy Coat

The Teddy Coat

The teddy coat, oh what a trend! I bought my first teddy coat last year in October when winter was creeping on in Calgary and I fell in love, I followed that purchase with about 4 more teddies by the time February hit.

A trend that caught my eye via the celebs that started wearing that STUNNING Max Mara coat that was sold out for months, it was no surprised that it was quickly duplicated by probably every retailer shortly after. Now here we are at the end of November staring dead into the eyes of the approaching winter, I ask you, have you found the perfect 2018/2019 teddy?

Last week while I was scouring the internet and my local mall for some good Black Friday sales, I managed to curate quite the collection of desirable teddies. I ended up purchasing only one but the rest of these finds absolutely had to be shared because they need homes!

As you know, I’m quite big on coats. Living in Canada where snow falls every year, yet every year I act surprised when it comes, I’ve realized that a lot of the time, your coat has to be a part of your outfit. Gone are the days where my well thought out outfit is covered by my ratty, old Canada Goose parka from 2007.

When I entered the corporate world, I had to part ways with my parka in the daytime which forced me to invest in some nicer, more appropriate coats that complimented my outfits. The problem with a nice peacoat is that in -30C with a windchill of -15, that bad ass business woman coat is not keeping you warm honey!

Enter the teddy coat, though some would say it’s a little more risqué for professional day to day, I wear red suede Balmain trousers into the boardroom so I say WHY THE F*** NOT?! Not only is the teddy a stunning and elegant piece, it keeps you damn warm! I get quite hot under there actually.

So here are some of the teddy’s I found; buy them, love them and be warm!

The Teddy Edit, click the brand names to shop:
1. Aritzia

This was the closest dupe I could find to the infamous Max Mara teddy without spending $3000 on it. I tried in on it stores too and the quality is very good! It also comes in red, dear friggen diary! The red will likely be my next teddy!

2. Nordstrom

This coat was the closest I could find to the teddy I am wearing in my photos and it is under $100, always a win

3. NA-KD

I can always appreciate that NA-KD has the same item in a variety of colors. This coat comes in black, white and brown.

4. Saks OFF 5th

Love a good OFF 5th find and this coat is oversized, plush and discounted! Just how I like it


***My teddy coat styled NOT for the boardroom here ha
Coat: Nastygal
Tee: Nastygal
Jeans: Grlfriend Denim
Boots: Raye the Label