Santa Barbara feat. Lincoln Canada

Santa Barbara feat. Lincoln Canada

About a month ago right before our wedding reception. We got to quickly get away from the madness in Toronto with our Lincoln Canada family and head to California!

There has been a lot of California for us this year and I can’t say I hate it. I’ve only ever visited Santa Barbara on a day trip before so I was quite excited to see what it had in store for us.

We arrived at the beautiful Belmond El Encanto hotel that sits high on Santa Barbara’s hills and settled into our space. We arrived quite early so we were able to unwind from the long flight before dinner. [Since moving from the west coast, the flights to California have been much harder on me]

That evening we had a group dinner in the courtyard and the new Lincoln Nautilus was revealed. While Lincoln has always had some of the most luxurious car features that I love so much, (like the massage seats!!) the Nautilus introduces the new Lincoln CoPilot360 which encompasses many of the popular drive-assist features that only came as separate options and makes them standard.

The following day, we all got the opportunity to take our own Nautilus around to test drive it and explore Santa Barbara. Our first destination was a small town called Ojai that was an hour and a half away from our hotel, which gave us the opportunity to test out the features of the car. Darrell drove us there and tried the Driver-Assist Adaptive Cruise where we set a speed we wanted to drive at and a distance we wanted to keep from the car in front of us and the car kept to these conditions the whole time. It could come to a complete stop or slow to keep the distance and then speed back up to the desired speed within 3 seconds. It definitely took some getting used to because every I basically let it drive itself, I was so scared that it wouldn’t. But here we are, not a scratch!

On our ride to Ojai, we were driving through the mountains and stopped at the mountain side to admire the most stunning view of the ocean. Not long after, our other Nautilus friends stopped for the photo op too. We had the most beautiful day exploring Ojai’s beautiful creative corners and even learned to sail a boat.

The Santa Barbara adventure was exactly what the doctor ordered before the hectic reception.