Check In

Check In

Can you believe February is over? Where has the time gone?! How are there only 10 months left in this year?! SOMEONE HELP ME!

I've been a little more absent than normal on social as of the new year because there has been an ass load of things going on over here. The biggest time consuming event that has happened was that WE MOVED! We packed up our little apartment and shipped it to... *drumroll* TORONTO! I recently got a great opportunity with my company to move back home and work on the business out east.  

Living in Calgary for the past 4 years has been so amazing.  I turned 25 in Calgary, I started my blog in Calgary, I made some amazing friends, I experienced new things, I got engaged, I grew up, I learned to really love myself. Calgary will always hold such a dear place in my heart because of all this. But, alas, it was time for us to move closer to our families and try something new.  Darrell and I decided instead of flying, to drive to Toronto.  That experience was interesting, I highly recommend driving through the US if anyone is considering doing the same.  We made a few pit stops on the way so our trip was longer than the 28 hours it takes if you drive straight through.  We stopped in Fargo because we recently watched Fargo on Netflix and immediately became obsessed with the show.  But the city is not as exciting as the show (season 1 was filmed in Calgary BTW!). Next up was Chicago where we stayed overnight and made it to The Bean early in the morning to get some shots and didn't leave without some deep dish and Garrett's popcorn!

Michigan was next to make a pitstop and see one of Darrell's best friends, then we finally crossed the boarder back into Canada to visit my pops and sister.  When we finally got to Toronto, we met our realtor for the first time in person and got the keys to our place and saw it for the first time in person. If you follow my Instagram stories, you will have seen bits and pieces of my new place, I am kind of in love with it.  Because of the super short time frame from when we committed to move and the date we were leaving, we had to work with a realtor and trust her to find us a place without us ever seeing it in person.  Thankfully she was wonderful and really delivered! 

So since getting to Toronto, we have gone to New York to do fashion week and also start the process of picking our wedding bands which is very exciting! Our moving truck arrived at our place and we are currently living in brown box hell.  The first few days of unpacking were very productive but now we have definitely slowed down... We did sell a lot of our furniture as well so I have been in major home shopping mode.

That's about it, I just wanted to touch base and let you guys know that I'm getting back into the swing of things, back to blogging more regularly, back to shooting my outfit looks and being a creative again, slowly but surely. And that I'm very excited to share with you the process of getting the new place together! 


Top: Premonition Designs
Bottoms: DVF