Dear Calgary...

Dear Calgary...

Now that I'm feeling so inspired to shoot content, I've found myself hanging around the Scarborough Bluffs so often.  We even woke up at 5am to take a mirror to the beach and shoot this beach concept I've been musing.

As I finished editing the photo and looking at my grid, I realized that we've been climbing through bushes and running into the ocean a lot lately and it really made me miss Calgary.  It made me miss the beautiful mountains, the scenic drives in any direction, the postcard snow falls, and the list goes on and on.  Looking back, I really wish we had spent less time chasing architecture and more time shooting in nature.  Don't get me wrong, we were outside and enjoyed the mountains often but never photographed me in them.

Now I'm anxiously awaiting my next trip back to Calgary so we can pack the camera bag and make some magic! 

Pictured here wearing my favorite Urban Outfitters cropped sweater, I think it has made it onto my IG page 7 different times, and paired with some crochet shorts.  I love, love, love swim wear cover ups! There's so much you can do to a simple suit to spice it up! Personally this season I'm obsessed with all types of crochet cover ups, I'm currently eying these crochet pants from Andi Bagus but I should probably book a beach holiday first...... 

Urban Outfitters Crop Sweater / SOLD OUT
Tobi Crochet Shorts