And she's back

It's 12:35pm as I lay in bed waiting for Darrell to get out of the shower and turn off the lights (yes, I am THAT lazy) I reached for my laptop and decided it was time to end the blogging hiatus.  I've had this conversation with so many people as of late, that blogs are a dying platform, and that may be true but I've always found that it was a happy place for me to write out my thoughts and share photos that don't quite make the Instagram cut.

I'll admit that lately I have been so uninspired.  We would pack up 3-4 outfits and drive around the city looking for places to shoot content and I would end up shooting one look and throwing in the towel.  I imagine this has something to do with how busy and overwhelmed I've been lately.  

So I took some time, stopped caring about the need to post on Instagram everyday to stay relevant or blog ever and enjoyed myself.  Lived my life a little harder, went to cool locations and didn't pull out my camera, had meals without taking pictures, visited friends without snapchatting our every move.

I'm so appreciative that I get to be apart of this amazing social media community but I often forget that social detox is important and absolutely necessary.  My social detox reminded me to be present, that I can leave my phone in my bag/at home and that time off is okay. 

Social media has made us believe that creativity is demanded from us daily.  IT IS NOT. Creativity comes and goes, blocks are normal and you shouldn't have to force yourself to produce content just to stay 'relevant'.  Go with the flow!

Bless those who manage to create beautiful and inspiring content on the daily, but I am not her.  So I will continue to carry on between my creative bouts and creative blocks and be 10000% okay with it.

Here is me finally feeling inspired again by Stampede of all things! Seems like I'm missing Calgary... :)  I'm so excited to share the new direction my latest inspirations have taken me!

Dress: Elliatt Collective
Hat: Simons
Belt: Grace Willow the Label