California Love

California Love

We recently took a little weekend trip with one of our good friends, Nancy, to California to visit the desert and get a little creative.  The last time we were out there it was March so the weather was hot but not unbearable.  This time? We stood in 117F weather and baked.  It was so hot that the car's AC was just pushing around hot air.

Needless to say, the clothes were on a minimal because well, how can you wear many clothes in that heat? You can't... I took the opportunity to show out in one of my current favourite trends, leopard print! It goes out of style and back in every once in a blue moon but boy am I glad it's back.

Though I don't think we've seen leopard in full force this summer, more in accessories, mini dresses and bikini's, I believe that we'll be seeing much more of it this fall and I am HERE FOR THAT. 

I wore a very light crop tank and pants to survive the desert heat.  I know what you're thinking, pants?! They're soooooo light and manageable in the heat.  What I love about this set is that you can wear it together or split it up.  I'm sure you'll be seeing me in the crop tank and a pair of mom jeans in the near future.

My verdict on leopard print is bring it all on and put it all on me, in a fashionable, non tacky way though...

Until next time xx

Set: Lola Shoetique
Sunglasses: Loewe
Sandals: Forever 21 (last year)
Duffle Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton