Full circle, circa 1990’s but instead of butterfly clips we’re seeing sleek, trendy statement hair clips. From the runway to award shows I couldn’t help but indulge myself. I started off the year in Japan and managed to get my hands on some very cute clips but since then, I’ve curated quite the collection with the intent to collect more! So I put together a styling video of how to wear all the clips you’re going buy and a few of my favourite clips below. I hope you enjoy!


I first saw the KITSCH x Justine Marjan ‘TEXT’ clips on Instagram but was skeptical to pay $30 for clips but now I do regret my decision as they’re all sold out, so I’m on a waiting list. Alternatively I’ve found a much higher priced version that’s equally as cute. I’ll probably wait for the back in stock email from Kitsch…


A cute way to add some colour to your look, especially for someone like me who favours black more often then not. I love the tortoise clips for the winter we’re in but the colourful ones are perfect for spring!


What a way to add a touch of class to your look but a pearl hair accessory? From full straight bar pearl clips to pearl bobby’s. I haven’t gotten my hands on any yet but I think a pearl bobby pin is the perfect final touch on a low pony.