Pantene Sulfate Free Rose Water Collection
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A big part of who I am is my hair, I have always been the girl with the beautiful long hair (aside from one impulse bob when I was a teenager). To keep my hair looking and feeling beautiful means taking good care of it!  So I’ve partnered up with Pantene for this blog post to share with you my experience with the Pantene Sulfate Free Rose Water Collection to give my hair the TLC it needs.

While I lived in Calgary, my hair was victim to harsh, dry weather conditions which heavily affected me.  My hair was very dull and I started getting dry scalp for the first time in my life! Dandruff is never a good look! When I moved back to Toronto a year ago, I had high hopes that the humid weather would fix my dry scalp and bring shine back into my hair but to my surprise, it did NOT reverse the effects.  I quickly learned that it was the products I was using that were the issue.  Since switching over to the Rose Water Sulfate Free collection, my hair has retained its shine and is so soft to the touch because they are sulfate, paraben, dye and mineral oil free products.  I didn’t realize how much the sulfates in my old shampoos were drying out my hair and scalp until I stopped using them.  Now, not only am I dry scalp free but my hair instantly moisturized and refreshed after every use!

If you know me you know I love everything rose water so it’s a no brainer that I tried this collection. It has the perfect lather and a light, crisp, rose scent. I really love that the Pantene incorporated the nourishing ingredients to products that I use regularly.  I don’t have to ADD anything to my hair routine in order to achieve moisture and shine, it’s just in my shampoo and conditioner! I think that’s a win-win!